Foodie Dice: Play with your food

Since I've been out in the Bay Area I've gotten to work on some cool projects. Foodie Dice is a product that helps you get creative in the kitchen. I went out to Santa Rosa to work with the founders on the edit. We ended up pulling an all-night edit and had it just about finished the next day.

Within the first few day's they surpassed their goal of $7,500, and now they've hit past 100K! The project was featured on KickStarter's featured projects and on Wired!


Detroit Achievement Academy

Over the past Summer I have been working with the awesome people over at Detroit Achievement Academy. They are doing some cool things and just opened up their school in Detroit.

I managed to make it to their first day to shoot, but had to head back out to California the next day. So I managed to pull a fast one day turn-around, shooting the school day in the morning and finishing the edit in the afternoon.

For more information on Detroit Achievement Academy check out their website: